Welcome to Georgia Tech

Greetings to New Students

We welcome you to Atlanta, Georgia and Georgia Tech! The Georgia Tech Chinese Student and Scholar Association (GTCSSA) works with American partners, Westminster International Friends (WIF) to greet you and help you when you arrive in Atlanta. We want to meet each one of you personally and we hope to make many friendships with all of you.

WIF will arrange free airport pickup and temporary housing for up to 5 nights with American or Chinese hosts. GTCSSA will also help them with airport pickup and housing arrangement. Thanks so much for all the volunteers, WIF and GTCSSA for their kindest support for the GT Chinese community. We invite you to register after June 15th at our website: to request assistance. We will try to serve every first time, incoming students who registers at our website. We give first priority for pickup and housing to incoming graduate students, and we give first priority for pickup to incoming undergraduates. If you are coming with your family members, please make sure to include their names. Every year we have been able to honor all but a very few of the requests we receive. Help us by signing up early and keeping your information current.

If you are waiting for your visa, register with the date you plan to come and change it later if necessary. It may be impossible for us to arrange a pickup or temporary housing with less than one week’s notice from you.

Graduate Students:

If you are living in Georgia Tech housing (GLC, 8th Street apartments, etc), please plan to arrive on August 13 or 14. We can provide up to 5 nights of housing. You will be able to move into campus housing on August 18 without additional charges. You can move in as early as August 15 for an additional charge of $75 per night.

If you will be living in off-campus housing (100 Midtown, Westmar, Home Park, etc) check with your apartment company for when you should arrive. Sometimes the company allows you to move in early, but you must make that arrangement with the management and receive confirmation before you arrive. Plan to arrive on the day you can move in. We can provide a ride from the airport to your apartment.

For both off-campus and on-campus housing: Check with your leasing office for when you can check in and get your room key. Most leasing offices are open only during the “business day” (9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday) and are not open at night or on weekends. If you need to move in at night or on the weekend, check with your landlord to be sure that you can get a key when you arrive.

Undergraduate Students:

You should be attending FASET 6 or FASET 7 and therefore you should be able to move into your dorm the night before your FASET date. FASET 6 freshmen can move in on Saturday afternoon, August 11. FASET 7 freshmen can move in on Monday afternoon, August 13.

We recommend that you plan for your airplane to land between 10:00 AM (10:00) and 3 PM (17:00) in the afternoon on August 11 or August 13. This will give you enough time to move in and get settled. If your airplane lands after 3 PM, it may be more difficult for you to get into your dorm room.

If you come before August 11 (FASET 6) or August 13 (FASET 7) we will provide temporary housing if it is available, but first priority for temporary housing goes to graduate students.

Visiting Scholars and Post-Doctoral Students:

If you are a visiting scholar or post-doctoral student, check first with your department for assistance. Some departments will arrange for you to be picked up at the airport. If you still need assistance, we will attempt to help you with pickup and housing but we give priority to incoming first-year GT students.

When Will I Be Notified About My Pickup Contact and Host Family?

Make sure that your registration information is correct. If you change flights, or housing arrangements, enter those changes on the website. We will notify you as soon as final arrangements have been confirmed. Normally, we notify people 4-5 days before they arrive in Atlanta. The notification will include your driver’s and host family’s contact information. Each driver and family will be given your contact information also.

Coming to Campus:

If you are staying with a host temporarily, your host will provide simple breakfast for you and bring you to campus each morning and take you home each evening.

Our Westminster International Friends building, the WCF center, is located on campus at 724 Techwood Drive NW. (Westminster Christian Fellowship on the campus map). WCF will provide dinners the week before classes begin at our building. The WCF center will be a gathering place for you to meet other incoming Chinese students daily and your host family every evening.

The Welcoming Dinner:

You are all invited to join a big joint Welcoming Dinner on August 18th at 6 PM at North Avenue Church. Transportation will be arranged from the campus. You will receive an invitation in your E-mail after you arrive here at Georgia Tech.

We wish you a safe travel and extend a big WELCOME to Atlanta, Georgia.

We look forward to meeting you!